Ducati Thok E-Bikes at CycleZoo

NEW!!! We're very excited to be a part of the launch for the first-ever Ducati-branded electric bicycles in North America! The Ducati E-Bikes, produced by THOK E-Bikes, have been available in Europe for a few years, and are finally making their debut here NOW!

CycleZoo / Ducati Omaha is a FULL-SERVICE Ducati E-Bike dealer, with trained service and sales staff, a full complement of specialized tools and an inventory of spare parts for the bikes!

You can pick your e-bike up in the Ducati Omaha store OR we can ship it to you!

Ducati THOK E-Bike Range:

The Ducati-branded THOK eBike range includes three models -

    • eScrambler - Trekking/Commuting Bike (MSRP $3995)
      • Available NOW 

    • MIG-S All Mountain Bike (MSRP $5295)
      • Available NOW

    • TK-01RR e-Enduro Bike (MSRP $7995)
      • Available NOW